SEP Course


Holders of a pilot licence shall not act in any capacity as pilots of an aircraft unless they have a valid and appropriate class or type rating, except when undergoing skill tests, or proficiency checks for renewal of class or type ratings, or receiving flight instruction.
Except in the case of the LAPL, SPL and BPL.

The privileges of the holder of a class rating SEP are to act as pilot on the class SEP(land) aircraft.

Training course. The SEP rating training course includes the mandatory training elements for the relevant SEP aircraft.
The course consist of Theoretical and Flight Training.

For single-engine aircraft, the theoretical knowledge examination shall be conducted verbally by the examiner during the skill test to determine whether or not a satisfactory level of knowledge has been achieved.
Skill test:
An applicant for a class rating shall pass a skill test in accordance with Appendix 9 to this Part to demonstrate the skill required for the safe operation of the applicable class of aircraft.
The applicant shall pass the skill test within a period of 6 months after commencement of the class or type rating training course and within a period of 6 months preceding the application for the issue of the class rating.

The period of validity of class SEP is 2 years.

Revalidation of single-pilot single-engine class ratings:
(1) Single-engine piston aeroplane class ratings and TMG ratings. For revalidation of single-pilot single-engine piston aeroplane class ratings class ratings the applicant shall:
- within the 3 months preceding the expiry date of the rating, pass a proficiency check in the relevant class in accordance with Appendix 9 to Part-FCL with an examiner; or
- within the 12 months preceding the expiry date of the rating, complete 12 hours of flight time in the relevant class, including:
- 6 hours as PIC,
- 12 take-offs and 12 landings, and
- refresher training of at least 1 hour of total flight time with a flight instructor (FI) or a class rating instructor (CRI). Applicants shall be exempted from this refresher training if they have passed a class or type rating proficiency check, skill test or assessment of competence in any other class or type of aeroplane.

If a class or type rating has expired, the applicant shall take refresher training at an ATO, when necessary to reach the level of proficiency necessary to safely operate the relevant aircraft and pass a proficiency check.

Differences or Familiarisation Training:

In order to extend his/her privileges to another variant of aircraft within SEP rating, the pilot undertake differences or familiarisation training. In the case of variants within SEP rating, the differences or familiarisation training includes the relevant elements defined in the operational suitability data established in accordance with Part-21.

Differences training requires the acquisition of additional knowledge and training on an appropriate training device or the aircraft.
Familiarisation training requires the acquisition of additional knowledge.
The differences training shall be entered in the pilot’s logbook and signed by the instructor as appropriate.